Startup Support

Startup Support

Thinking of starting a Company ?

Do you want to setup a company and you don't know where to start from or have you started your company and are struggling with generating revenue and running the company ? As Sirotics we support startups in every stage of their progress. We show the path for building a successful business. 

Fast-track Startups

Hundreds of startups fail each year and only a few are successful. We believe one of the reasons for failure is mentorship, guidance and the lack of know-how of the business. For example, imagine you and your friends decide to start a company after graduating from an engineering degree in order to mass produce a prototype you've been working on for the last year. Once you start working you quickly understand that you don't have the know-how to write a business plan, you don't have an idea about the production process, you don't know how you can protect your idea, you don't know how to keep/file your accounts and hundreds of challenges that any startups might face. On the other hand, most startups have a limited budget so they can't employ people and they end up trying to do everything by themselves which can take ages and lead to failure. At Sirotics we provide advice to startups and help them solve many of the challenges they face. We show them how to survive with a limited budget and how they can benefit from the many resources available. For example, a company might be asked to pay 2500 pounds per year for their bookkeeping and the companies annual accounts, but with our advice they can reduce their costs to less than 100 pounds per year. As most startups need financial support we work with them to get support from different resources e.g. government grants, industrial support, sponsorships, licencing, crowdfunding (Kickstarter, Indiegogo), competitions and many more. One example of such a grant is the By Design grant (in Scotland) which provides startups with the opportunity to outsource their product designs to another company. Another interesting grants is the SMART grant that provides up to a 100K for building a prototype, patenting the idea and for the feasibility study. At Sirotics we support startups get into accelerator programs and get investment in their company. We support startups at any stages of their development and we support startups even if they haven't started yet. Book a free one-hour consultation session below to learn how we can support your company. 


  • Sirotics is based at Morningside, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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