Our innovative solution to the current water crisis

Everyday, 3.6 billion litres of water is wasted in the UK due to pipe leaks and bursts. This accounts for 23% of the UK’s treated water supply, slightly below the global average of 30%. This amount of water can cover the needs of 21.5 million people in the UK. With water leakage being as high as 45% in some places, such as Ireland, there is even greater potential to improve the situation. These leaks occur along the 343,000km of water pipe mains that are spread across the country.  Water poverty causes 1.7 billion people to spend 6 years of their life in search of hydration. Globally, there are 32 billion cubic metres of water being wasted due to inefficient pipes, enough to end water poverty. Water leakage is one of the main causes of this shortage.

Pipeline Robotic Inspection System (PRIS)

At Sirotics, we are developing a patent pending solution that takes advantage of state-of-the-art advancements in sensors, and robotics for inspecting live water mains. Sirotics aims at providing high value and high-tech devices for improved pipeline inspections. The company's product enables water companies to accurately pinpoint the location of pipe leakages and provides details of stress corrosion cracking, fatigue cracks and more. Our solution will provide water companies in the UK the means to operate using our technology, saving time that would be spent on replacing pipes, and the costs of fixing the ones currently in operation. It will enable these companies to meet the regulatory bodies guidelines. Water companies in the UK could save more than £1 billion on pipe maintenance using our solution.

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  • Sirotics is based at Morningside, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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