Product Development

Product Development

Do you need to develop a new product ?

We help our customers improve their current products and develop new products that fit the market. For each product we study the market and find its Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT analysis). We then use experienced designers and engineers to come up with innovative products that address the markets needs.  

Increase Your Business Profit with Product Development

The process of developing a new or existing product starts with understanding the customers and the market. Customer feedback is used to get an in-depth understanding of how customers see your products. When analysing the feedback some aspects are considered very important and should be dealt with immediately like the products durability, user-friendliness, safety and comfort while other factors like how the product looks or its colour can be improved with more consideration. For example, a company manufacturing hammers might get the following feedback: The hammer is too heavy, it's too big, the handle is uncomfortable, the handle broke after a few months, the product doesn't look good, the colour isn't right for my kitchen, etc. Customer feedback is also about asking the right questions, some examples could be: how can we improve our products?  What features/elements are desirable to you that our products don't have ? what is the main problem you face when using our products ?.
The goal of developing a new product is to get it into the market and generate revenue for your company. Thus it is important to fully understand the market in which the product will be sold. At Sirotics we use customer feedback and market research to generate new ideas for the target market. The first stage is brainstorming where new ideas are generated while considering factors like customer satisfaction, production limitations, cost, Unique Selling Proposition (USP), etc. Each idea is then weighted based on its Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT analysis) and the best ideas are chosen for development. For more information feel free to book a one-hour consultation. If you are considering to develop a new product contact us below. 

  • Sirotics is based at Morningside, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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