We are a Product Design Company

Have an idea but don't where to start ?

Our product design process consists of brain storming, sketching and CAD designs. We interact with our customers in all stages of the design process to ensure that we produce high quality results that exceed the expectations of our customers. Some of our product design services include: process design, hand sketches, product design (2d & 3d CAD designs) and animations.

Increase Your Business Profit Through Product Design

Our product design process includes the following steps:

  • Fill in a quote request below and register your interest in working with us. We take your intellectual property rights seriously and ensure that your idea/product is kept confidential at all times. We sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) on request. Please provide your name, company details and address in the quote form if you require an NDA.

  • Please provide details of your product/idea in the quote form so that we understand your expectations, deadlines and specifications for the design.

  • Once you have requested a quote, we will get back to you within 48 hours informing you of the costs for the project.

  • Throughout the design process, we will interact with you to make sure that the design/prototype is built according to your requirements. If you feel that some sections require further improvement we will modify it until you are satisfied with the end-product.

  • If you are still not sure on what you want to design or how you want to solve a problem through product design or you would like to provide more details about your ideas, feel free to book a free 1-hour consultation meeting. You will have to tick this section in the quote form and provide the dates and times that are most convenient for you.

  • Sirotics is based at Morningside, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
  • info@sirotics.com
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