Product Marketing

Are you looking for new markets and more customers ?

Having a great product or service is just not enough. Your target market needs to know what you are doing and what you have to offer. Customers need to know how your products are different from your competitors. A potential customer needs to be encouraged to contact your company or feel good about buying your products. 

Increase Your Customers with an Innovative Marketing Plan

At Sirotics we combine a range of unique methods to attract new customers. Our marketing campaign is all about using innovative methods of introducing your products to the right target market without the customer feeling that they are listening to a sales pitch. For marketing a product the first step is to understand a products unique selling proposition (UPS). What makes your product stand out? do you have better features/functionality compared to your competitors? Do have a unique design? what is the cost of your product ? is your quality better than your competitors?

Once we have understood your product in detail we use your product's strengths and innovative features, we will use them for marketing the product. At the same time, you might be interested in our outreach marketing plan which is a unique method used for branding and selling your products with an international impact. In this process we build a video that is of great public interested with the focus around your products and company, it is important that either your products should be very innovative or they should be introduced in an innovative way. Some of our previous outreach marketing campaigns have reached up to half a million views online and have been featured in hundreds of websites, newspapers and magazines, Several documentaries were also built about the products some examples include ( BBC, Discovery channel, Vice, Daily mail, France 24, …). To learn how we can support your business please fill in a quote form below providing details of your products. If you would like to get more information about our marketing services feel free to arrange a one-hour free consultation session.  

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